Adding a Keyword Search Stream to Hootsuite

Adding a Keyword Search Stream to Hootsuite

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One of the biggest benefits of using social media to market your business is the ability to find your consumers where they are already hanging out. Many of us already use Hootsuite to manage our accounts and schedule out our content. Scheduling posts and assembling teams is important, but the ability to add a keyword search to Hootsuite may be the biggest benefit of all.

You can create custom streams that monitor twitter hashtags, keywords, or a combination of both. Setting up these streams will allow you to constantly monitor your brand and relevant keyword searches.

Here’s how you set up a keyword stream in Hootsuite:

1) Simply click the “add stream” button from your Hootsuite dashboard.

2) When the “add stream” box opens, select the profile you want to use. Now you can choose to save search queries or keywords…your choice.

Add stream

3) Enter a few keywords (up to 3) or relevant hashtags.


4) When you’ve decided on your search, simply click “create stream.”

Create stream
Now that you’ve got some searches saved in Hootsuite, be sure to use them to your advantage. Spend 15-30 minutes each week monitoring the stream to see if anyone is mentioning your brand or asking specific questions you can answer. This is a simple way to reach your customers where they are and stand out from your competition.

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