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How to Cure Blogger’s Block (for good)

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How to Cure Bloggers Block (for good)

We’ve all heard of writer’s block. The dreaded affliction that plagues authors of all sorts with the inability to produce new content. Regardless of how the block happens, one thing is for sure. It can be detrimental if it’s not cured in a timely fashion.

The same thing can happen to those who publish to a company blog. Blogger’s Block is a real thing and it can be difficult to overcome. Difficult, but certainly not impossible.

Rather than let your blog fade away, bring it back to life and generate new, interesting content by asking yourself these 4 simple questions:

What’s happening in my industry?

Your company blog is a great place to post content that sets you apart from the competition. Your goal is to be seen as an expert in your industry, so be sure to post content that accomplishes that goal. Are there new products launching or major players making changes in your industry? Talk about these things on your blog so your readers see that you’re informed and up to date.

What’s happening in my community?

If you’re a small local business, then it makes sense to use your company blog as a tool to share information about the community. Are there events happening nearby that your readers would enjoy? Post about those events to connect with the local crowd.

What’s happening in my business?

People care about your business, maybe more than you might think. It’s a good idea to post content to your company blog that gives readers an inside look at what is happening in your business. Here are a few ideas on what to post about your business:

  • New products or services
  • Changes in management
  • New locations opening
  • Awards or certifications
  • Milestones or anniversaries
  • What’s happening in the news?

There’s no need to talk politics or share the latest viral video, but sometimes what’s happening in the news is relevant to your business and your readers. When those situations do happen, share them with your fans. For example, if you run an chocolate shop and NPR breaks a story about the many benefits of chocolate, it would make sense for you to cite the story and share your feedback as a chocolate expert.

writers block

Now that you’ve asked yourself these questions and picked a topic to write about, ask yourself 1 more question to make sure it’s an awesome post.

Does it meet at least one of these criteria?

Informative – I mentioned earlier that your company blog is a great place to show off your expertise. Use it as a place to share things your readers may not know already.

Educational – For many businesses, answering questions that customers have is one of the best ways to use a company blog. Spend time creating helpful tutorials and educational videos that help solve problems for your readers.

Inspirational – Using your blog to inspire people is fun and rewarding. As you pick your topic, think about ways you can inspire readers through your writing. Sharing success stories or company milestones are both great ways to do this.

Helpful – This goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway. Whether your post is a how-to video or an explanation of a product or service, make sure it’s helpful to your readers. Simply stating what something does isn’t helpful, but if you explain what it does AND how it will make their world a better place, you’ll have a good post!

Entertaining – Nobody wants to read a blog post that drones on and on. Make your post entertaining by telling a story, adding personality, or adding a little humor here and there.

Even the most severe case of blogger’s block can be remedied if you answer the above questions. If you do this, you’ll breathe new life into your blog and generate plenty of new and interesting content.

Looking for more ways to find content to write about on your blog? 

Have you ever suffered from blogger’s block? How did you get rid of it?


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