Digital Marketing Audit

If you’re not seeing results from your online marketing efforts, it’s time make some changes. But where do you begin? Think about this: When your car isn’t running properly, you don’t start pulling wires and topping off fluids. You take it to the mechanic for an expert diagnosis. A marketing strategy is no different. If you’re not seeing results, you need to find out what is causing the problem. Our digital marketing audit uncovers the issues and provides a clear roadmap to fix them.

When we perform a digital marketing audit we break out our tools and take a good look under the hood. From your website to your Twitter account, we examine it all. We take detailed notes along the way to help you build the best online marketing strategy for your business.

Here’s how the Digital Marketing Audit process works:

1. You provide us with a list of all digital assets for your company
2. We spend time reviewing each one to see how they stack up
3. We make detailed notes and recommendations for each asset
4. We run SEO and social analytics reports and fix critical issues as we go (404s, duplicate content, missing links, etc.)
5. We provide a formal report with a long-term plan including prioritized recommendations

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