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Driving Conversion Rates with Social Media Strategy

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It’s no secret that social media is an excellent avenue for attracting and retaining new customers. While every company is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for social media marketing, understanding a few new social media trends can help marketers stay competitive. These trends will allow businesses to optimize social media marketing and drive conversion rates, providing the best possible results. 

Social Media Marketing Trends to Drive Conversion Rates

Social media is changing at the pace of technology. New trends arise constantly and evolve quickly. Businesses should think about incorporating the following social media trends into their marketing plan. 

Video content

Technology now supports easy sharing of streaming video on social media. Video content significantly drives traffic and conversion rates. There are many kinds of video content that can help attract an audience, such as how-to videos for products or topics of interest or entertaining videos that encourage viewers to engage with and share content.

Paying for targeted promotion

 While some businesses believe the main appeal of social media is that it’s free, paid promotion through social media is increasingly productive. When businesses pay to promote content through social media, such as Facebook’s advertising platform, they can select specific demographics they want to reach instead of relying solely on users organically sharing their content. With declining organic reach, paid promotions are worth considering. 

Social shopping

 More people are shopping through social media than ever before. Platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest are now including “Buy” buttons near products that are available for purchase, drastically increasing the ease with which customers can buy products they see on social media.

Searching via social media

While search engines are still the primary source of internet searches, social media searches are becoming a more convenient resource for many users. One reason users may prefer searching on social media is that it provides quick access to information generated by other users, such as comments and reviews. Businesses should consider how their audience can find them using social media search functions as well as search engines.

Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Creating a comprehensive marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. These easy tips can help businesses optimize their social media strategies.

Start as early as possible. Don’t delay creating social media channels. Even before a business launches, a social media presence will help build up the customer base. In the absence of other information, a business can focus on providing industry-based resources to an audience, which will establish them as a legitimate entity.

Use the right social media platforms for your goals. Not all social media platforms are created equal. It’s important for businesses to think about their intended audience and use the right channels to reach them. Facebook provides the largest audience of adult internet users, but if a target audience is younger, Snapchat or Instagram might be a better platform.

Cultivate networking connections. It’s not enough to share content through social media. To create a dynamic social media presence that will lead to greater conversions, businesses should participate in social media conversations related to their industry. Commenting on and sharing appropriate content will help increase visibility and traffic.

Publish at strategic times. Even the best content can flop if it’s published at the wrong time. On average, content posted on weekdays gets at least 300% more social media shares than content posted on the weekends.

Incorporating social media into marketing strategies can help businesses reach new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers, driving conversion rates. These trends indicate that the future of business will be increasingly social.

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