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Facebook Contests: A Few Dos and Don’ts

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Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are a great way to spark engagement and grow your online community. Unfortunately running a Facebook contest is not always as simple as it seems. If you want to dazzle your fair share of the over 1 billion Facebook users, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind as you plan your contest.

A Few Dos For Facebook Contests

1. Stick To Facebook Guidelines
You’ve probably already noticed that Facebook is a big fan of rules. Running a contest on Facebook requires the use of a third-party app such as Offerpop, Binkd, or Woobox to meet requirements. This means you can’t run a contest simply by posting a photo and asking for a caption or asking for “likes.” Spend some time looking over the Facebook Page Guidelines before you launch your first contest. Be sure to check back regularly to stay up to date with the ever-changing policies.

Update: Facebook no longer requires the use of a third-party app for contests. Review their page guidelines to learn about the newest rules.

2. Make It Easy To Enter
If there’s one that that’s certain, it’s that no one likes to waste their time. When you create a Facebook contest, keep this in mind. You don’t need to know the entrant’s life story and you don’t need 10 ways to contact them. Keep it as simple as possible while still gathering the information you need. From my experience, asking for an email and name is sufficient. People get reluctant to enter when you start asking for phone numbers and will definitely walk the other way if you ask for their address.

3. Share The Contest On Other Channels
One of the best things about running a Facebook contest is the opportunity to grow your community. One of the easiest ways to do this is to promote your Facebook contest on all your other social networks. This will be a great way to get your Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ followers to come check out what you’re doing on Facebook.

A Few Don’ts For Facebook Contests

1. Use Facebook Functions For Contests
I don’t usually say the word no-no, but this is a major one. Facebook functions such as the “like” button, comments, or shares cannot be used to enter or win a contest. As mentioned above, you must use a third-party app to run a Facebook contest. You may see major brands out there ignoring this rule, but it’s still a rule. Don’t take the risk of getting busted!

2. Forget To Define Rules
Nobody likes rules, but we all have to abide by them from time to time. When you launch your Facebook contest be sure to include official rules. You don’t have to get all lawyer on folks, but you should identify what entrants can or can’t do to win the contest. Be clear and concise and make the rules easy to find.

3. Forget To Identify Winners
Chances are you wouldn’t forget to email the winner, but you should take it to the next level when someone wins your Facebook contest. Publicly announce winners on Facebook and all your other social channels. This gives your communities proof that someone actually won and helps to give your brand some personality. You could even post a photo of the winner with their prize. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

Have you ever launched a Facebook contest? How’d it go? If you’d like help running your next Facebook contest, please get in touch. We’d love to help your business succeed!

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