Facebook Cover Photos - Do's And Don'ts

Facebook Cover Photos – Do’s And Don’ts

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Do you have a Facebook Page for your business? Having a high-quality cover photo is one of the most important elements for your page. It’s probably the first thing visitors see and it needs to leave a lasting impression. Facebook cover photos are large images (851 x 315 pixels) and this space provides a great opportunity to impress your fans.

Get started on a cover photo makeover using these simple guidelines:

Pick The Perfect Image

Use high-quality images that will catch the eye of your fans. Make sure the image is in focus and represents your brand. Here are a few ideas:

  • A candid shot of customers enjoying your product or service
  • A collage of your most popular products.
  • Recent awards or milestones of success.
  • Exterior photos of your storefront.
  • A branded image that contains your company logo.

Add Appropriate Text

Adding text is allowed, but it can’t be more than 20% of the entire image. Text is a great way to engage your fans so try one of these ideas:

  • Include an inspiring quote.
  • Add your company slogan or a catchy tagline.
  • Include names of people in the photo or other customers.
  • Add an impactful word or phrase that engages fans.

Change It Frequently

One of the best parts about using your Facebook cover photo as a focal point is that you have the opportunity to change it frequently. Doing so will show you are active and working hard to interact with fans. You may want to change your cover photo when:

  • You hire a new employee and want to introduce them.
  • A new store opens and you’d like to spread the word.
  • You receive an award or other public recognition.
  • A holiday or other major event is coming up.

Stick To The Rules

As with anything on Facebook, there are some rules. For extensive details you’ll have to check out the Facebook Help Center, but here is a basic overview:

  • Don’t ask fans to upload your cover photo to their timeline.
  • Never include prices or promotional discounts.
  • No contact information of any kind is allowed.
  • You can’t ask for “likes” or follows.
  • No call-to-actions are allowed on cover photos.

What advice do you have for creating the perfect Facebook cover photo?

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