Facebook Dislike Button

Facebook Dislike Button to Roll Out Soon

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Facebook Dislike Button

After years of ignoring suggestions from Facebook users, a spokesperson from the social network giant announced this morning they will be unveiling some much-anticipated new features. Among these features, the ‘dislike’ button that so many users have been asking for.

The new features are apparently designed to allow Facebook users to express how they really feel about their friends and favorite brands. This could get ugly!

Other updates include:

  • ‘Absolutely hate’ button.
  • ‘Too vague and attention-seeking’ button.
  • ‘Why are we even friends’ button.
  • ‘Learn how to spell’ button.

Although these all may seem lovely, unfortunately none of them are true. We’ll have to put more pressure on Facebook in the coming months and years to get the buttons that truly reflect how we feel! Happy April Fools’ Day!

What button/feature would you add to Facebook?


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