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10 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger URL Short Links

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Have you heard the BIG news from Facebook regarding Messenger and brand pages?  Facebook recently launched Messenger URL short links, which allow Pages to use custom links that automatically open messenger chats. When a person clicks your short link, it will instantly open a chat thread with your business. The format is fb.com/msg/PunchBugMarketing (replace “PunchBugMarketing” with your Page username). Users can simply click on the link to open a new message with Facebook desktop or within the app.

Your URL will become searchable on Facebook if you respond to 90% of messages received within a 24 hour period for 7 consecutive days. One more reason to respond quickly and consistently to the messages your business receives!

Here are 10 ways to use the new Facebook Messenger URL Short Links

  1. Add a link on your website’s home page to encourage visitors to start a chat.
  2. Link within blog posts to help answer customer questions.
  3. Add it to local directories to speed up the communication process.
  4. Send it out to your email list for real-time Q & A sessions.
  5. Share it on other social networks that do not have chat options (twitter, Google+).
  6. Create a pop up or button on landing pages to steer the conversation to Facebook.
  7. Send your link out via text marketing campaigns.
  8. Run an ad campaign with the Messenger link as the CTA.
  9. Add the link to SlideShare decks at the end of a presentation.
  10. Place your Messenger link in email signatures.

Do you have a creative way to use the new Facebook Messenger URL Short Links?

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