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A Few Reasons Google Hates Your Website

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You’ve built a beautiful website. You’ve described your services and you’re publishing blog posts everyday for your readers. After the first 90 days, you’ve had five people visit your website and zero leads from your contact page.

So, what’s the problem?

Google hates your website. You might’ve built the perfect site in your mind, but the truth is you haven’t built a site that’s friendly to humans or Google’s web crawlers. There’s good news though, Google is forgiving and even makes it easy to find out what it is you’re doing wrong. Keep reading to learn how to address major issues and move beyond the lonely website to a competitor in your niche.

Man, Your Website is Slow!

Your website is so slow! Slow websites cause an increased bounce rate and an underwhelming user experience. Your audience is impatient and unforgiving. If they can’t view your information instantly, they’ll find someone else to answer their questions.

Want help speeding up your website? Here’s a helpful speed testing tool from pingdom.

Sitemap, Anyone?

Google reads the robots.txt and sitemap.html page to find out what their web crawlers can view and how to get there. Submit your sitemap via Google Search Console to be considered in Google’s search results.

Broken Links

Broken Links Conduct a site audit at least once a month to ensure all of your links work. Here are a few tools you can use to monitor and repair broken links:

  1. Raven Tools
  2. Moz
  3. SEMrush
  4. Google Search Console

Keyword Stuffing

This irrelevant, black hat SEO technique has no place in your online strategy. Google may even penalize websites that use this approach. You’ll never get ahead with black hat techniques because the search algorithms continue to evolve and detect deception. If an agency recommends this tactic to you, stop what you’re doing and run the other way!

Weak Content

Weak Content The content on your site should answer questions,fix problems, provide solutions, and create trust. A solid content strategy that carries buyers throughout their journey increases conversions for email subscribers and purchases. Joe Lazauskas says it best…

We can give brands the best technology, analytics, journalists, editors, and multimedia creatives in the world, but if they’re not publishing with a purpose, it’s all for naught.Joe Lazauskas,

Your site is NOT mobile-friendly.

Google has made it very clear that mobile-friendliness is something they respect and reward. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you’re losing out on potential traffic. Not only is this harming your bottom-line, but it makes you less desirable than your competitors.

You’re Battling Insecurity

SSL Certificates ensure secure communications between a website and an internet browser using 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root keys. It functions as a gatekeeper to prevent cyber attacks on your website. If you lack the appropriate security protocols, you can lose traffic and buyers instantly. Consider hiring a professional to manage or help you implement this procedure to build trust among your audience and Google. This measure is especially necessary for websites that sell goods or services.


Missing Privacy Policy

SSL certificates let web browsers know you’re secure. A privacy policy gives buyers insight into how you use their data. Be sure to include how you use cookies, collection and distribution procedures, an opt-out option and legal rights for the consumer.

Questionable Checkout

Buyers want a secure, trustworthy checkout experience. Guess what? Google does too. Choose an e-commerce solution that fits into your business model AND provides a secure checkout experience. If you’re not sure which e-commerce solution to choose, contact us anytime and we’ll help you find a safe and functional option for your desired user experience.

Google’s power can change your business for better or worse. It takes time to develop an authoritative and Google-pleasing site, but by addressing these issues you can become a contender for your niche.

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