Why It's Great to Be an Irvington Business!

Why It’s Great to Be an Irvington Business!

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Punch Bug Marketing is located on the east side of Indianapolis, in the historic neighborhood of Irvington. We’re kind of crazy about Irvington and can’t imagine working (or living) anywhere else! Here are a few of the reasons it’s awesome to be a business in Irvington.

Why It's Great to Be an Irvington Business!

The Restaurants

We’re not gonna lie…we like to eat! And the restaurants in Irvington keep our bellies happy. A few of our favorites are Chef Dan’s, Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza, and the newest kid on the block—La Mexi-Gringa.

But we have to give a special shoutout to The Legend Classic Irvington Cafe. If you haven’t eaten here, stop what you’re doing and head there now. No, seriously! The food is beyond delicious and everything is prepared with the highest quality ingredients. Plus, if you go for lunch, it’s super cheap! Like, we-kind-of-feel-like-we’re-ripping-them-off-because-the-food-is-so-good-but-the-bill-is-so-low kind of cheap. Let’s just say, if we could live at The Legend, we would.

Coal Yard Coffee

We like to drink coffee almost as much as we like to eat, and there’s no better place for a cup of coffee on the east side than at Coal Yard Coffee. The coffeehouse doubles as an art gallery so it’s a great place to go when we need a creative kick in the pants.

Coal Yard Coffee in Historic Irvington, Indianapolis


Irvington has always been a friend to the biker, with trails like the Pennsy and Pleasant Run and bike lanes on North Arlington, Michigan, and New York streets. More recently it’s become a biker’s best pal (much like the rest of Indy)! Bike lanes are being added to South Arlington and the Pennsy Trail is being extended and will take bikers directly to the future Coal Factory.

Black Acre Brewing Co.

Perhaps we’re a little partial because we love all things Irvington, but Black Acre is our favorite Indianapolis brewery and we feel honored to have them in the neighborhood. We love taking clients here (because we’re firm believers that client meetings should include beer as often as possible) or just grabbing a quick beer after a productive work day (because we’re also firm believers that productive days should be celebrated with a beer).

The Architecture

Irvington is a historic neighborhood, so the homes are unique and interesting to look at. No cookie cutter dwellings here. Irvington architecture isn’t just interesting, many of the homes and buildings in the area are said to have a haunted past. We haven’t seen any ghosts yet…but we’re always on the lookout! Haunted or not, the winding streets are filled with beautiful structures and we love taking afternoon walks to energize our minds!

The Benton House in Historic Irvington


Historic Home in Irvington, Indianapolis

The Shops

Irvington is full of fabulous shops ran by fabulous local folks, meaning that we never have to travel far to find whatever it is we need. For gifts, we always head to Black Sheep Gifts. For musical equipment (and great conversation) we head to Guitar Town. If it’s books or records that are needed, Bookmamas and Irvington Vinyl (located inside of Bookmamas) have us covered.

Ellenberger Park

Our 4-legged team member, Tula, would be quite upset if we ended this post without mentioning her favorite Irvington hangout, Ellenberger Park. It’s a beautiful place to stretch your legs and take a midday break. It also has one of the best pools in all of the Indy Park’s, but Tula is a little peeved that it has a strict no-dog policy. But you should still check it out when you’re in the neighborhood!

Tula at Ellenberger Park in Historic Irvington

If you haven’t visited historic Irvington yet, we hope this post inspires you to do so soon. And if you’re a business owner looking for a new home, we hope you’ll consider Irvington. We’d love to have you in the neighborhood!

Need help setting up shop in Irvington? Contact the folks at the Irvington Development Organization. They’ll take good care of you!

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