How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for Keyword

How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for Keyword Search

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Pinterest introduced something called “guided search” way back in 2014. According to Pinterest, this improved search function is designed to help you make “discoveries and find things you didn’t even know you were looking for.”

Sounds great, right? You simply type in a keyword or phrase in the Pinterest search bar and BOOM—out comes a wide variety of options related to your search. Here’s a screenshot of what Pinterest guided search looks like in action when searching for “crockpot artichokes.”

Crockpot Artichokes Pinterest Search

As you can see, Pinterest serves up related results that they believe may be of interest based on the keywords you searched. Click on any of those items to add a new keyword to your search.

Pinterest Guided Search

What does this mean for those of us using Pinterest as a marketing tool?

Simply put, it means pins have the opportunity to be found not just by one keyword, but by many. The difficult part is finding out which keywords to target when pinning on Pinterest.

Here are 3 easy ways to optimize Pinterest pins for keyword search:

1. Use Pinterest Guided Search as a planning tool

There are a handful of ways to use Guided Search as a planning tool on Pinterest. For example:

  • Enter your main keyword in the Guided Search and see what related keywords show up. Consider using these related keywords in your description (assuming they are actually relevant).
  • As you’re using the Guided Search, keep an eye out for popular hashtags associated with your targeted keyword. Consider adding those hashtags to your description.
  • Take a look at the types of photos that are going over well based on your search results. Seeing what types of images are performing best is helpful for planning what your images should look like.
2. Use Google Adwords to identify related keywords

You’re probably familiar with the Google Adwords Keyword tool. If not, here’s an extremely simplified explanation of it—it’s a tool that allows you to enter a keyword or phrase to identify possible ad sets and related keywords based on Google’s all-knowing intel. This information is certainly useful for Google Ad campaigns, but it’s also good for planning keywords on Pinterest. Simply plug in your targeted keyword and select the “get ideas” option. You’ll get a whole list of ideas for related keywords that you could include in your pin’s description. You’ll also see average monthly searches and competition data, which is very helpful in determining the best keywords to target. Look for topics with high search volume and low competition.

Google Adwords Keyword Planning Tool

3. Use keywords in image names

This is a simple, but powerful tip. If you’re uploading images directly to Pinterest, be sure to name your files using keywords. For example, rather than uploading an image named “IMG_039” you should call it “crockpotartichokes.” Search engines and tools like Pinterest like to know what an image is about and this ALT data tells them what they need to know.

This same rule goes for images on your website. Images named with keywords have a much higher chance of being found.

Simple planning and technical tweaks like these will go a long way toward boosting your results on Pinterest.

Are you a Pinterest wizard? What’s your best tip for optimizing pins on Pinterest?



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