How to Use Quick Edit in WordPress

How to Use Quick Edit in WordPress

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WordPress is a powerful CMS with a TON of time-saving features. One of the most convenient and often overlooked time-saving features is the quick edit tool. This is one of the 1st things I teach in WordPress trainings and most people tell me they had no idea they could use this feature.

Quick edit is a simple way to make quick (hence the name) changes to pages and posts without having to open up the post completely.

To get started, log in to your WordPress backend and navigate to the “all posts” section. You could click on the title of a blog post to open it up completely. Instead, simply hover over a post and you’ll see a few options appear.

Using Quick Edit in WordPress

As you see, you can choose to edit, quick edit, trash, or preview the post. ¬†We want to select quick edit. When you are using quick edit you’ll be able to quickly edit the following details of a post:

  • Title
  • Slug
  • Date
  • Author
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Comments & Pings

Using WordPress Quick Edit

As you can see, you don’t have complete access to all the pieces of a post. However, you do have the opportunity to make many of the most basic changes without opening up the post completely. If you need to make changes to the copy, want to add images, or need update any SEO settings, then you’ll need to open the post completely.

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to use WordPress quick edit:

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