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How to Use Video Without Blowing Your Marketing Budget

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many does video earn you? Effective use of all media types is important for sharing your message in a marketing campaign. The internet is loaded with videos, and a quick Google search for videos tagged “marketing video” returns 439 million results. Obviously, some of those are going to be more relevant and sophisticated than others, but how do you create video without blowing your marketing budget?

We have a few suggestions.

First, create an outline to follow so the story you are trying to tell is well thought out in advance. Whether you’re using a videographer or doing it yourself, having an outline will save time and help make for a smooth shoot. Keeping everyone on-point is easier with a plan to follow.

Second, there’s no need to reserve space in a fancy studio. You can shoot at your business or somewhere in public to save costs. While you should be careful not to let background noise and activity be distracting, the right amount could help emphasize your message. Be creative with the use of free spaces available to you.

After you have an outline and space to shoot, you need to determine who will be in the video. Your staff, friends and family may be thrilled to become an “actor” to help your cause. If it is true we all get 15 minutes of fame, why not help someone you know achieve it and save money in the process?

If the suggestions above are not an option for your project, don’t despair because there are other methods available to reach your video goals. Here are a few cost-effective ways to do it:

  • Use stock videos, if applicable – Linking to existing content, with permission, of course, is a great way to reap the benefits of video’s impact. Since your only expense is time to search for the right video, it’s a very cost-effective way to add video to your marketing campaign.
  • Consider using your smartphone – If you’re concerned about the cost of equipment, such as cameras and lighting, don’t overlook technology already in your hand. You may be able to create high-quality video using the tools you already have. Definitely use a tripod if you go this route because nothing ruins a video like camera shake!
  • Hire freelancers – In the end, you may not be the DIY type, may not have time or the inclination to create your own video, and that’s okay, too. Freelancers abound in this space, so consider working with someone else to shoot it for you.

Used properly, video can elevate your marketing to the next level, and as we have shown above, there are options to use video AND stay within budget, which is a great thing. So, don’t give up on video without considering alternatives to traditional methods of creating content.

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