How to Verify Your Business on Pinterest

How to Verify Your Business on Pinterest

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We’ve all been waiting for the day when Pinterest would allow businesses to verify their accounts. The popular website recently announced this feature and it’s definitely something to consider. Verifying your business on Pinterest will help to increase your website traffic and overall engagement.

Here’s how:

Until now, Pinterest users had to click on a somewhat hard-to-find icon to find your website. Once you verify your account, your profile will prominently display a direct link. This means that other pinners and friends of pinners will be able to easily find your website and start sharing your site. Yay!

It’s hard to say how great the SEO and engagement benefits of this new feature will be, but it definitely warrants immediate action.

If you want some help verifying your business on Pinterest, follow these easy steps:

1) Click the “convert your existing account” button.

Pinterest account
2) Add a business type, contact name and fill in the other information.
Pinterest Business Account
3) Click the “verify your website” button.

Verify your website
4) Follow these instructions to download the HTML code and add it to your website.

Pinterest instructions

*If you do not already have a Pinterest account, you’ll need to create one as a business. Use this link to complete the process.

So…that was pretty easy, right? We hope you were able to make these changes and that you are enjoying using Pinterest for your business. If you have any questions about this topic or any others, please let us know. We’re always here to help!
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