Law Firm Website Checklist

Quick and Easy Law Firm Website Checklist

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Regardless of whether you are looking to redesign your law firm’s website or launch a brand new one, there are certain things you need to incorporate. Your law firm website needs to convey a lot of information quickly, which isn’t alway easy. But it can be done with proper strategy and design. Rather than diving into any deep, technical stuff, we thought it would be most helpful to cover the basics of what you need to make your website work for you.

Looking for the Cliffs Notes? Here are the 6 things on our law firm website checklist:

  • Easy to locate contact information
  • Your areas of expertise
  • Thorough bios for each team member
  • Location information with a map
  • Testimonials from happy clients
  • Engaging firm history section

Easy to locate contact information

You’d be surprised how often we see attorney websites with very hard to find contact information. In some cases, it’s not there at all! That makes it a little difficult for clients to get in touch. In most cases, we recommend having your firm’s phone number prominently placed in the header section (or at least above the fold) on each page of the site. This makes it simple for visitors to call with one simple click or tap.

Beyond the prominent phone number, go ahead and add a dedicated page with additional options such as a contact form. With good design, you can also sneak in a sleek contact form on the home page that allows for a quicker option if users don’t tend to venture off the home page.

Your areas of expertise

When potential clients visit your website for the first time, they’ll likely want to know that you have the experience they need to have a successful case. On a separate page, include all of your areas of practice and relevant cases.

Thorough bios for each team member

Your potential clients are going to want to know a little about the attorneys on staff. This section of the site is an easy way for individual team members to showcase their education, skills, and previous cases. It may also be helpful to have specific contact information for each attorney on staff.

Location information with a map

Including location information with a map helps potential clients find you in relation to where they are. It’s also super helpful for improving your local search results, which is always a bonus! Regardless of where you position the location information on your website, be sure to include a map that makes it easy for a user to click and get directions.

Testimonials from happy clients

There’s no better way to show your worth than providing actual feedback from previous clients. Testimonials are great as a separate page or as a carousel on various pages throughout the site. This social proof might be the deciding factor for a potential client who is considering your firm.

Engaging firm history section

We use the word “engaging” with emphasis here because it’s so easy to create a boring about us section that drones on and on with details nobody will care about. The key points you’ll want to hit on here are that your firm has a proven track record and a staff that is more than capable to represent your clients.

Interested in law firm websites we’ve worked on? Take a look this one we just finished up:

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