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5 LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using

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LinkedIn FeaturesWhether for personal or professional purposes, I can come up with reasons for just about anyone to use social networks. Certain social media sites like LinkedIn provide features that are designed specifically for professionals. Many consider LinkedIn to be a sort of online résumé, but it’s much more than that.

After you’ve added your resume material, it’s time to get started using some of the other features to your advantage. Utilize these LinkedIn Features to grow your professional network, learn more about your industry, and grow your business.

LinkedIn Groups

There is a group for nearly every profession, industry, and topic you can think of on LinkedIn. You can use the search function seen below to look for specific groups.

LinkedIn search

You can also create your own group if you can’t find one you’d like to join. Find detailed instructions here.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use LinkedIn Groups:

1. Share interesting articles about your industry.
2. Share blog posts from your company blog.
3. Ask questions to get feedback about a topic.

LinkedIn Pulse
LinkedIn Pulse

This LinkedIn feature is relatively new, but it shows promise. Pulse is essentially a curation tool to gather news, stories, and more based on your interests.

Here are a few ways to use LinkedIn Pulse:

1. Download the Pulse app so you always have access to content.
2. Follow pioneers in your industry to stay up to date with news/trends.
3. Use Pulse to find ideas to write about for your company blog.

LinkedIn Company Page
LinkedIn Company Page

If you own your own business or are in charge of the online presence for the company at which you work, you should take a few minutes to set up a LinkedIn Company Page. Much like Facebook, a company page on LinkedIn allows you to share articles, photos, and general status updates.

Here are a few ways to use your LinkedIn Company Page:

1. Add your products/services so visitors can learn about what you offer.
2. Use the analytics tool to see what posts go over best.
3. Post job openings.
4. Advertise to target markets with promoted posts.

LinkedIn Polls
LinkedIn Polls

This is one of my favorite LinkedIn Features and many don’t know it exists. The poll feature allows you to ask a question and allow up to 5 optional answers. You can ask these polls within most groups from the status update section.

Here are a few ways to use LinkedIn Polls:

1. Gather feedback about FAQs and use the information to write an informational blog post.
2. Create a poll to get help naming a new product.
3. Ask a yes or no question like, “have you ever used our product XYZ?” This is an easy way to get information from possible customers.

LinkedIn Endorsements
LinkedIn Endorsements

If you are on LinkedIn you have more than likely been endorsed for a skill. LinkedIn makes it very easy to do by putting the feature at the top of your homepage when you sign in. You will often get suggested endorsements for your connections. It’s good practice to do this from time to time.

Here are few reasons to participate in LinkedIn endorsements:

1. It shows your connections that you have them in mind and know their strengths.
2. It alerts your connections when you endorse them and makes it likely they will reciprocate.
3. You can ask those who know your work well to endorse you. Focus on getting endorsements from these folks.

What are your favorite LinkedIn Features and how do you use them to your advantage?

Looking for more? Click here to download my free guide to using LinkedIn for business. 

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