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Let’s Talk About Live Chat Options

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Here’s a fun fact for business owners. Did you know over 40% of customers expect to have live chat support when visiting a website? For those using their smartphones, the number reaches above 50%.

If your website doesn’t offer a live chat option, you could be turning down potential sales. At the very least, you are inconveniencing your customers. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Once you make the decisions to integrate live chat on your website, it can often be completely installed in a matter of minutes. You will likely see numerous benefits, including increased sales, better conversions, and improved customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at some live chat options for your business.

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is one of the most flexible help desk apps that offers services to businesses of all types. It can handle up to 500 agents, a scale that just shows how capable this app is. You have the option to choose between different plans, but all of them have an extensive self-service and multi-channel support program.

You can make tickets out of your customers’ social media posts, web form submissions, emails, and chats that are pooled into a single system that accommodates all customer concerns. There’s also a self-service portal in which your customers can access some FAQs and other sources if they choose to opt out of the chat option.


Olark is a fully-featured live chat option that can be easily integrated with WordPress sites using a convenient widget. What’s great about this software is that each chat box has a breakdown of what your customer is doing on your site. You can view which pages they’ve been on and what they did on those pages.

Customers can also rate and provide feedback right after your conversation. This is an ideal option for businesses who prefer a slightly more advanced live chat option.

Perhaps the most amazing feature has is the ability to see what your customers are typing before hitting the submit button. This allows agents to work on a solution faster since they can see in advance what the customer is trying to convey. In turn, customer service is vastly improved.

This chat solution also has a mobile app in which remote employees can still perform customer service no matter where they are, which is really convenient if your team isn’t pooled in one area.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messaging App has millions of active users, which is increasing on a day to day basis. Messages sent between users and businesses per month can reach up to 2 billion — a figure that proves it’s a viable chat solution for your website.

Messenger gives you everything you need so you can converse with your customers instantly, from checking their order to asking for business hours. There’s no need to have a Facebook account and it’s also free, but you get all the right features you’ll ever need.

Using Live Chat to Your Advantage

Since we’ve already discussed the extensive features of some live chat options, it’s time to remind ourselves how live chats are beneficial to businesses. Here’s how live chats help you generate more loyal customers:

  • Quick response time: Live chat is built on top of instant messaging technologies, so your customers can easily relay their questions and you’re able to provide them with a response quickly.
  • Reduced costs: Live chat agents can easily switch between chat windows to make sure that all the conversations are ongoing at the same time. This means that the cost of workforce is reduced and you’re able to cut response times as well.
  • Improved customer loyalty: Customers today prefer live chats over phone calls. People love the fact that they don’t have to verbally converse with somebody just to have their issues resolved. Getting an immediate response is also ideal for many modern consumers.
  • Convenience: Live chatting with an agent means that you don’t need to interrupt your customer’s shopping experience. Customers won’t have to look for someone to help them out as they can easily access online portals and ask directly.

Is Live Chat a Good Option for Your Business?

For many business, especially those who are starting out and trying to establish a good reputation, a live chat option helps create trust with existing and new customers that will eventually win their loyalty over time. Giving your customers a convenient option to reach you can increase interest in your business.

If your goal is to build strong customer support and offer great customer service, then live chat is a great option. Integrate the right live chat option according to your business needs and see your customer service and conversions improve.

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