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Make Twitter Advanced Search Work for You

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Twitter advanced search is one of the most important social media tools to keep in your toolbelt. It’s powerful and it’s free, which is an excellent combination when it comes to seeing results on a budget. Below, I’ll show you 3 examples of how to make Twitter advanced search work for you and your business.

Example 1

Let’s say you own carpet cleaning company in Indianapolis. You can use Twitter Advanced Search to look for people who may need their carpets cleaned within your services area. Here’s how you do it:

Go to Twitter and locate the search option at the top of your dashboard. It looks like this.

Regular Twitter Search

Type in the words “carpet cleaners.” Some results will show up right away when you click enter, but those aren’t the ones you’re concerned with because those results are coming in from all over the world. Unless you’re willing to travel the globe cleaning carpets, we had better refine our search. Off to the left you’ll see a box that looks something like this:

Advanced Search Option

Click on the Advanced Search option to unlock the power! After you’ve clicked on that option you’ll be directed to Twitter Advanced Search page.  It looks like this:

Twitter Advanced Search

Once you make it to this page, you can enter the exact keywords you want to search and geolocate the search using the “places” field. Click “search” and let the fun begin. You may not find any results the first time, but it’s worth experimenting with to see what people are tweeting about and how you can help them solve their problems.

Example 2

In this example, we’ll do an advanced search without going to the advanced search page. We’ll just use Twitter Search Operators to do the work for us from the standard search bar.

We’ll pretend you own a movie rental store and you have a delightful new comedy you want the world to see. You can use the advanced search features by seeking out Twitter users who are looking for a movie to watch that is funny. Head over to Twitter and enter this into the standard search bar.

good movie ? -scary : ) near:”san francisco”

This search will provide you with results containing the words “good movie,” which are not scary, have a positive tone, and are asking a question. This search is also narrowed down geographically. Now you have the opportunity to step into the conversation and recommend that new comedy you’re so excited about. Easy as can be!

Example 3

Let’s say you own a heating and cooling company and you’re smack dab in the middle of a polar vortex. You can benefit from Twitter search by seeking out users who have struggling furnaces. Here’s how you do it:

Head over to the advanced search page and enter “my furnace is broken” in the “this exact phrase box.” Scroll down and type in your city name in the “near this place” box. When you click search you’ll find results containing your exact search term, which are filtered by location. Feel free to try several different search terms, such as “heats out” or “furnace acting weird.” Over time you can hone in on what terms produce the best results and spend your time with those.


Make sure you save searches when they perform well for you. After you’ve entered a search term you’ll see an option like this.

Save your search

Just click on “save” and follow the steps. You’ll be able to come back to that same search time after time to see new results.

If you’re interested in giving Twitter Advanced Search a try, here’s a cheat sheet for some of the most common search operators. Some of these will produce better results than others, so spend time learning the tool and finding out works for you and your business.

Happy searching!

Twitter Advanced Search

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