Small Business Marketing Challenges

5 Common Marketing Challenges for Small Business

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Payroll. Billing. Inventory. Managing employees. Small business owners have a lot on their plates. With so many daily demands, there’s little time to think about and execute a marketing strategy.

We’re lucky to have the opportunity to work with small businesses to help them improve their digital presence and stand out in a crowd. A big part of our job is to help business owners identify the biggest marketing challenges they face and provide solutions to help resolve them.

Over the years we have noticed a few recurring marketing challenges business owners face. Below is a list of the most common with a brief explanation of how to create a solution.

Common Small Business Marketing Challenges:

I don’t have a strategy

Marketing is on the back burner for many business owners, which is why a strategy is not in place. Business owners are often too busy with the day to day operations to focus on marketing strategy, but don’t fret. There’s hope!

Creating a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a boring formal document. Be honest and think about who you want to reach, how they like to be reached, and how you can make it happen. When you consider those 3 things, a strategy starts to come together.

I don’t have a budget

This is a tough one. Nothing is free, including marketing. Luckily there are ways to make an impact even with a small budget. The key is to not take on more than you can afford, and to make the most of what you choose to use.

Come up with an idea of what you can afford and then work with a marketing team to determine what channels you can utilize effectively with that amount.

I don’t know what to share

This question should be answered when you work through your marketing strategy. If not, you did something wrong!

What it boils down to is that you should focus on sharing content your current and potential customers want or need. How’s that for vague?

Here’s what that means:

  • Share content that solves a problem your customers face.

  • Share things that set your business apart from others.

  • Share content that is unique, fun, and memorable.

I don’t have the time

If there’s one thing we could all use more of it’s time, right? Marketing your business certainly takes time, but it may not require as much as you think.

When you create your marketing strategy you’ll determine what channels to use, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+. Maybe all those and more. Once you identify what channels you’ll use, put together a daily social media checklist to make sure you accomplish tasks in an efficient AND effective manner. You’ll be amazed how much you can get done in a little bit of time when you are focused and organized.

I’ve been burned before

Many times it makes sense for small businesses to work with a marketing agency. Many times we hear from small businesses that they’ve been burned by the agency they partnered with. This is a sad, sad truth.

Whether it is a web designer who refuses give you access to your website or a social media manager who convinced you to pay good money for fake Facebook fans, you deserve better. As you’re working through the process of finding the right team to partner with, make sure you take time to consider their skill, trustworthiness, and personality. Don’t be afraid to ask for work samples or case studies, and don’t feel bad about wanting to meet more than once before making your decision.

What is the biggest marketing challenge your business faces?

We’d like to help you create a solution to that challenge, which is why we’re offering a free 30 minute coaching session if you fill out the form below. Please note, this coaching session will not contain a sales pitch. We just love helping small businesses succeed!

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