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Picture Sizes for Popular Social Media Sites

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Keeping your social media sites looking spiffy is extremely important. The easiest way to make sure they’re always up to snuff is to keep the cover and profile pictures fresh and high-quality. You’ll find that the dimensions for images on social media sites are not always common sizes and it can be a hassle to keep looking up the information.

If you’re sick of searching around what what social media sites get what images, let this be your guide.

For Facebook image sizes, use these dimensions:

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

For Google+ image sizes, use these dimensions:

Google Plus Photo Dimensions

*As you can see we have not updated to the gigantic banner image. I like the way the smaller image looks so I plan to hold out until Google mandates the change.

For LinkedIn image sizes, use these dimensions:

LinkedIn Pic Dimensions

For Pinterest image sizes, use these guidelines:

Pinterest Pic Dimensions

For Twitter image sizes, use these guidelines:

Twitter Pic Dimensions

These dimensions are bound to change before too long. Nothing seems to stay for long on social media sites, so check back in for updated versions of this post.

If you have any questions about how to get your profiles set up correctly, please get in touch! 

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