Testing The New Pinterest Visual Search Tool

Testing the New Pinterest Visual Search Tool

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The team at Pinterest recently released a fun and helpful new visual search tool. As if pinning wasn’t fun enough, they’ve added this new feature to help pinners find things they may not know how to search for using keywords.

Here’s how it works. Instead of using a text search, you can now use the new Pinterest visual search tool to select areas on an image to retrieve similar pins.

Pinterest Visual Search 1

Just open up the expanded view of any given pin. We’ll use this nice kitchen design from the DIY network for our example. You should see a small magnifying glass at the top right of the image. If not, the new tool probably hasn’t rolled out to your account yet…be patient!

Pinterest Visual Search Tool 2

After you click the magnifying glass you’ll get a selector tool you can use to highlight any portion of the pin. Once you make a selection, related pins will populate to the right of the image. Let’s see what happens when we select the bouquet of flowers on the island.

Pinterest Search 3

Not bad. It appears the Pinterest magic is working! Let’s take a look at the window panes just above the sink.

Pinterest Search Window

Hey, this works pretty well too. How about if we narrow our selection down to the clock in between the two windows?

Pinterest Search Not Quite

Well, not quite. Still, though, this visual search tool is impressive and very useful!

Although text search is still going to be the most powerful way to optimize pins on Pinterest, this new visual search tool does present opportunity for brands. For example, it’s worth thinking through all of the items within a pin before it goes live. According to the Pinterest team, this search will also provide details about individual items. So, in our example you could theoretically zoom in on the faucet to see what brand it is and potentially where to purchase it. Unfortunately this didn’t work in our test, but it is a new tool and I’m sure they are working on making the search work more precisely.

Here are a few other things to consider: Are there items that will show up from competitors if users select them in your pin? Is there a way to highlight even more of your own pins?

Have you tried the new visual search tool from Pinterest? Share your experience in the comments!

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