Save Time and Make an Impact with These 10 #Hootsuite Features

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hootsuite features

Hootsuite is a social media automation tool that offers both a free and paid version. This tool (especially the paid version) is full of great features to help you manage your social media accounts and they’re always adding new ones.

Here are a few of my favorite Hootsuite features:

1. Pin social networks to the top

This feature allows you to pin specific social media accounts so you can upload content quicker. Once you pin the account it will stay loaded and you can skip the step of searching for that particular account. All you have to do is remember it’s pinned so you don’t accidentally post future content to the wrong account.

Pin social networks

2. Use the Hootsuite large batch uploader

Are you looking to upload 3 weeks of posts and want to do it quickly? Try using the batch uploader to save some time. Keep in mind you have to save the content in a specific format (you can choose between two types). Check out the sample bulk upload schedule to make sure you save the document in the right format.

Bulk schedule hootsuite

3. Hide promoted tweets

Okay, so this feature may not save you a ton of time, but every little bit helps. Right!? Your Twitter feeds are full of tweets so eliminating a few you don’t care to see here and there is always a good thing.

Hide promoted tweets

4. Customize notifications

Sick of getting unnecessary emails or updates from Hootsuite? Chances are it’s your fault. Take a few minutes to customize your settings so you won’t get emailed every time someone likes a post, unless of course you want that to happen.

5. Edit posts through publisher

The publisher feed allows you to see several posts on one large calendar. This is a great way to get editing done quickly. Rather than sifting post by post for each account, you can see all of your upcoming posts in one space and make changes as you go.

6. Download the Hootsuite App

Let’s face it, you’re on your phone all the time. If you’re already on your phone you might as well get a little work done! The Hootsuite app is chock full of features so you can schedule, edit, and delete posts on the go.

7. Save messages as templates

Fresh content is important, but often times there is content that needs to be shared on a regular basis. Saving that status as a template can help save you time each week. For example, if you post your daily specials for your restaurant, you can save each daily special as a template and retrieve them quickly as you’re uploading posts.

Hootsuite templates

8. Add location to your status updates

Adding location to your status updates can increase the impact. If someone happens upon your tweet about drink specials and sees that you’re just down the street, they may be more inclined to stop by for a drink.

9. Create and manage teams within Hootsuite

The teams feature in Hootsuite is a great way to keep track of employees and their tasks. Spend some time tinkering with this feature and be sure to check out the Hootsuite blog to learn specifics about how to setup and manage teams.

10. Use the drag and drop options

Drag and drop makes everything easier. Within Hootsuite you can use drag and drop to create lists, add users to messages, and to upload photos. Get familiar with this feature and use it to save a ton of time!

I want to know…What’s your favorite Hootsuite feature?

Here’s a tutorial on my favorite Hootsuite feature, How-to Add Custom Keyword Searches to Hootsuite. 

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