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Social Media News: A few things we should all know about

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social media news

Things change pretty quickly in the world of social media news. I try to keep up, but sometimes it’s tough to do. Here are a few things that have happened recently that I found interesting. Hopefully you will too!

Search Your Own Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest Search

Now when you use the search function on Pinterest you can limit your results to only show pins that you pinned. This will help out when you want to find that particular pin but don’t remember what board you stuck it on. Visit the Pinterest blog to read more about this update.

Facebook Verifies Pages and Profiles

Verified Facebook Page

We’ve all done it…search for our favorite company or celebrity on Facebook and find a few options to choose from. Many times it’s easy to pick the official page out of the bunch, but now you won’t have to worry about it at all. Facebook has started verifying high-profile businesses and profiles in an effort to eliminate this problem.

Twitter Introduces Lead Generation “Cards”

Although this feature is only available for promoted tweets at this point, it will definitely change the way businesses use Twitter. Essentially twitter users will be able to subscribe/connect through a call-to-action within a tweet. Since their information will already be available, it will be as simple as clicking the button. Learn more about how twitter lead generation cards will work here.

These are just three of the latest happenings in social media news. What updates or changes are you looking forward to? Anything happening out there that you’re not too happy with?

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