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Social Media Websites I Can’t Live Without

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Social Media Websites

I’m not sure if you have noticed but there’s always something new to know about social media. New updates to Facebook timeline, a Twitter music app, and Instagram gets a facelift all in one day. It can be overwhelming! When it comes to staying current on all this fun stuff it’s essential to find a few social media websites you love. It’s helpful to hear different opinions and see what others from across the globe have to say about a particular update or new site.

Here are 5 social media websites that I can’t live without:

Social Media Examiner
If you have ever searched a social media topic you’ve probably ended up on this site. They talk about it all and their team is on top of it! Visit their blog to browse topics ranging from simple Facebook functions to cutting edge social media tools. Don’t forget to sign up for a few of their social media networking clubs to keep in touch with like minded folks interested in social media.

Okay, so this site talks about a lot more than social media. They cover business news, technology, and entertainment news but they really rock the social media topics. You can search specific social media sites and they have a social media how to section that will walk you through several common problems.

Social Media Explorer
This social media website covers a lot more than just social media too. Jason Falls and his team of writers cover everything from productivity tools to public relations topics. Visit weekly to read through the articles or subscribe by email to stay informed. You won’t be disappointed.

Social Media Today
This site is full of great blogs about social media but keep an eye out for the great webinars too. The Social Media Today team hosts several webinars over various social media topics and they publish some lovely e-books as well. It’s definitely worth a weekly visit.

Entrepreneur Magazine
You’ll find a whole lot more than social media news here. It’s a great resource for anyone who manages or owns a business. Visit frequently for social media tips and tricks catered to small business owners. In addition to social media topics you’ll find great articles on SEO, branding, and PR.

There is a lot happening in social media. Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with it all. The social media websites mentioned above keep me informed and ready to rock. What’s your favorite social media website?

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    I know that I regularly use three of the ones you shared. Glad I took a peek at your article because I will definitely be checking out the other two now.

    Found you via Kim’s google community for social media folks.

    Thanks for sharing!


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