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7 Ways to Take Back Your Facebook News Feed

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Facebook News Feed Options

Not particularly concerned about a recipe for upside down Mountain Dew cake? Yeah me either, but things like that tend to show up in my Facebook News Feed all the time.

Over time your News Feed can get crowded with things you don’t care much about. Maybe you’ve liked several pages that don’t post content you enjoy anymore. Maybe you’ve friended people who are dramatic over-posters. Whatever the reasons for your clutter, it’s time to take control!

Lucky for you there are 7 easy ways to take back your Facebook News Feed.

#1 Unfriend people

The easiest (and harshest) way to clean up your News Feed is to unfriend people. If you find yourself getting annoyed by what people post, this is probably the option for you.

#2 Switch friends to acquaintances

Not ready to cut ties completely? That’s okay, you can switch friends to “acquaintances,” which will show you less of what they post. This way you can see important updates but not necessarily every minute detail of their life.

It’s easy to do. Just visit their profile and click on the box labeled “Friends.” You should see the option to switch them to acquaintances there.

Facebook Acquaintance

#3 Rate posts on your News Feed

Did you know you can rate posts on your newsfeed? Yup, and it works too! All you need to do to leave feedback is click on the upper-right side of a post and select “make News Feed Better.” Here’s what it looks like:

facebook news feed survey

You’ll be taken through a quick survey to rate things that have been or could be on your News Feed.

facebook newsfeed survey

If you do this enough you’ll be able to show the robots at Facebook exactly what you do and don’t like to see.

#4 Unfollow friends

Don’t want to unfriend someone just in case you need a favor down the road? Not ready to write them off as an acquaintance either? No problem. All you have to do is click on the upper-right part of one of their posts and click “unfollow ______.” You won’t see any posts from them, but you’ll still be able to message and post on their timeline if you want to.

#5 Give feedback on Ads

You may think you don’t have a choice about the sponsored stories in your News Feed, but you’re wrong! When you find a post you don’t care for, simply click in the top right corner of the post and select “I don’t want to see this” or “Hide all ads from _______.”

hide ads on facebook

For more information on how to hide ads on Facebook, check out this post. 

#6 Unlike pages you no longer care about

People change and interests do too. If you’re seeing posts from pages you no longer care about, take a stand by un-liking the page. You’ll free up your news feed for more content from friends, family, and pages you actually care about.

All you need to do is go to the page and click unlike.

#7 Get notifications

When it comes to Facebook pages, it works both ways. Maybe you’re not seeing all the content you’d like to from the pages you like. If this is the case, you can visit their page and select “get notifications.” Doing this will tell Facebook to alert you whenever new posts are shared.

Facebook Page notifications

Let’s Face it, you spend a lot of time on Facebook. Why not customize your News Feed so you only see the content you care about?

What’s your best trick for taking back your Facebook News Feed?


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