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The Story of Punch Bug Marketing

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We all had a car that we just had to have when we were younger. For me, it was a Punch Bug or Slug Bug or Punch Buggy or whatever you care to call it. I wanted one! I liked the way they looked and how they seemed to inspire happiness to those around.

Deciding on a name for my little adventure in self-employment wasn’t exactly an easy task, but one day it hit me (so to speak). I saw a lovely little punch bug cruising down the street and thought to myself, “Now that’s a car that stands out in a crowd.” My mission is to help businesses stand out in a crowd and the company name needs to represent that. That’s why I chose Punch Bug Marketing instead of A1 Marketing Company. Well that, and it’s much more fun!

If my company is going to be represented by a punch buggy, I figured I should probably get one of my own. It’s been great in many ways, and not just because I get to see people punch each other.

Here’s what I’ve experienced as a bug driver and the same results are happening for my customers.

Heads Are Turnin’

As I drive by, I often see people do a double-take. My blue buggy looks different from most cars and sparks something in the viewer’s brain. It’s a simple design, but it has a huge impact. It goes to show that it doesn’t take a lot of bells and whistles to make a lasting impression.

People Are Grinnin’

My previous vehicle was memorable for different and often unpleasant reasons, and it sure didn’t provoke any smiles. As I drive down the streets in my new ride, I’ve seen people from age 3 to 80 smiling from ear to ear. I’ve seen friends slug each other and burst out in laughter. It proves that people respond positively to creativity, quality, and good design.

Folks Are Rememberin’

Another common occurrence for me lately is to be approached by someone who recognized me because of my car. A guy in the grocery store line may say, “Aren’t you the guy with the blue bug?” Yes. Yes I am. It feels good to be remembered, don’t you agree?

Punch bugs do all these things, but it’s not just some coincidence. It took careful planning, a good strategy, and a wonderful design to make such a classic car.  My goal with Punch Bug Marketing is to do the same thing for your business. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll develop a strategy that will truly make your business stand out in a crowd.

If you aren’t seeing these 3 things with your business, you may need a little punch bug in your life!
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    No I must admit, it is somewhat an unusual name but does serve its’ purpose. I had myself placed some thought into how you came to that name. Now I know. Thanks for the Christmas card as well.

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