Best Android Apps of 2014

Lucas’ Picks for Best Android Apps 2014

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I asked Lucas recently to spend some time thinking about his favorite Android apps. Although it’s tough to pick favorites, he put together this in-depth list. Business, pleasure, and everything in between.

Weather: Yahoo weather

This app is extremely gorgeous, and displays everything you need to know to plan what to wear, how and when to travel, and when to tell your teenage son to wear pants to school and not shorts because it is cold out. Daily and weekly forecasts, pressure, wind speed, sunset/sunrise can all be found quickly and easily in this beautiful app.

yahoo weather app

Launcher: Nova Launcher

Clean up your phone by getting back to Android’s roots. Nova Launcher offers a very barebones Android experience. Stack apps together for quick access, hide your phone’s bloatware, set multiple quick swipe actions and make your phone or tablet what you want it to be with this home screen replacement.

nova launcher

 News: Flipboard

Quickly browse headlines in categories that you choose. Flip through pages separated by categories such as film, technology, music, and news, or make boards for individual news outlets and websites.

Best Android Apps 2014

Reading: Amazon Kindle

Having its own store built in is a fantastic way to find new books that you want to read. Purchase books in-app and read instantly for maximum enjoyment. If you have a Kindle also, you can sync your books and progress through your account to pick up your book right where you left off on your mobile device.

kindle android app

Cloud: Google Drive

With 15GB of free storage, you can have hundreds of files right at your fingertips, wherever you are. Doubling as an office suite, this app is a must-have for those on the go who may not have time or space to break out a laptop and make changes to that document in the subway on the morning of that big presentation.

google drive app

Notes: Google Keep

Quick and easy note taking synced with your Gmail account, this app is a powerhouse. Quick notes, lists, voice notes, and picture notes make this a great app for those on the go. Especially when you are, like me, prone to forgetting to pick up milk when you’re at the store with a cart of oreos and frozen pizza.

google keep app

Keyboard: Swiftkey

Very clean and very simple, customizable onscreen keyboard. Can learn your writing style for predictive use from the way you use twitter, Facebook and Gmail. Swiftkey even supports multiple languages for those bilingual typists. Customizable actions include style, layout, haptic and sound feedback on key presses.

swiftkey android app

Social: Facebook

Even if it may not have the greatest UI and there may be some bugs, Facebook is still a fantastic way to stay in touch with friends and family. I use it a lot for events and seeing what is going on and where. Being able to see who all is bringing what to that holiday pitch-in is a great way to know you need to scrap your idea of a green bean casserole. Also fantastic for being able to see what your favorite businesses are up to. Special offers and coupons are regularly posted for most local businesses through social media outlets.

facebook android app

So what’s your favorite Android app? Please share in the comments below.

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