Using Instagram Reels for Business

Using Instagram Reels For Business

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Want to see the latest silly dances or watch strangers lipsync pop songs? We don’t, and yet somehow we found ourselves watching Instagram Reels anyways. But there’s more to it than dancing Zoomers and people who think they can sing: Instagram’s new video platform is a versatile and intuitive creative tool. If you want to capitalize on this new opportunity by using Instagram Reels for business, we’re here to help you get started. And if you want to learn the latest trendy dance while you’re at it, we won’t judge you!

If you’ve done any marketing for your business, you know that the best ads are short, attention-grabbing, and easy to digest. On Instagram, you’ll find an audience that’s both receptive to and ready to engage with your marketing content. Reels is just another facet of promoting your business with Instagram!

Using Instagram Reels for Business

If you’re already familiar with Instagram, making a Reel is similar to making a Story. But if you’re new here, all you need to do is open up your app and swipe to the right. This opens the Instagram Stories tool and boots up your phone’s camera. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see three options: Live, Story, and Reels. Simply tap Reels to get started.

If you’re new to using Instagram Reels for business, you should also consider adding Stories to your Instagram campaign. Check out our guide to Instagram Stories!

Once you’re in the Reels screen, you’ll see the tools you need positioned all around the screen. The gear in the top left corner gives you access to sharing controls. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find four effects buttons:

  • The music note lets you choose a song to play during your video.
  • Find slow motion or high speed video options under the play speed button.
  • Tap the smile to choose an effect for your video, including vintage camera overlays, face morphs, and other filters that range from artistic to absurd.
  • Finally, the bottom of the four buttons is a timer. Use this for precise video shooting.

If you want to learn more, check out Instagram’s introduction to Reels.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what Reels can do, how can you put it to work?

Announce News or New Products

Keep your customers informed and entertained by spreading your news through Reels. Show off a new product or let your followers know their favorites are back in stock. Keep your Reel brief and set it to some catchy music to lead customers back to your site where they can make the purchase.

You can also let your followers in on the latest at your company. Remember that using Instagram Reels for business doesn’t mean you have to post about every single thing that happens. Create Reels for sales, store openings, and other news that might interest your customers.

Review Your Products

Go a step further than simply announcing products by showing your followers what makes them great. Source video reviews from happy customers talking about or showing off one of your products. You can use these videos in your Reels to create a short review series and give your offerings a place to shine.

If you’re a service-based business, you can base a review on customers who have used your service or on data from case studies.

Educate Your Customers

Put your expertise to use and teach your customers a thing or two. You don’t need to lecture your followers – and you don’t need to put your product or service front-and-center. Use Reels to create informative and digestible lessons about a problem your brand solves.

For example, if you run a pest control company, create a Reel about the damage termites can cause or how to protect your basement from mice. If you run an online apparel shop, try creating Reels that teach customers how to size themselves for the clothing you sell. Present yourself as both an expert and a solution to a customer’s problem.

Go Behind the Scenes

Instagram is a unique social media platform in that it allows you to present the best side of yourself to your audience while also giving you the opportunity to connect with your followers on a more human level. And nothing hits both of those marks like a look behind the scenes!

Give your followers a quick tour of your facility or showcase the talent behind your brand. Customers love to see the people behind their favorite products or the process that goes into making the things they buy. You can also use Reels to take the story of your brand to the next level. Use case studies or old photos to show how far your business has come since its inception. Reels gives you the opportunity to give your brand a human touch.

Reapply Existing Content

Reels may be new but if you’ve already been using Instagram in your marketing efforts, you’ll be familiar with how it works. You’ll also find that content you’ve already created will work well in Reels. Try uploading videos you’ve already shot and giving them a facelift in Reels! Remember to keep track of how well your content is doing. Learn more in our guide to understanding Instagram Insights.

Reels offers a new way to market your business and the opportunity to go where your customers are. Using Instagram Reels for business, you can easily create content that interests and excites your followers. And who knows – maybe you can pick up some new dance moves while you’re at it!

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