How much does a website cost?

How Much Does A Website Cost?

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That’s a seemingly simple question… but if you’ve been researching the cost of having a website designed, you’ve probably found conflicting (or just plain confusing) information. You might see prices as low as $500 and as high as $150,000. And to be honest, that’s not necessarily bad thing. After all, sites vary widely in scope and purpose. You’ll need a solid understanding of both in order to get accurate pricing. Here are some factors to keep in mind:


While platforms like WordPress offer many simple and beautiful themes (many of which can be purchased for free), it’s possible you have something specific in mind, or that some of the specific features you’d like to see on your site require a custom template. Having a custom theme designed for you will incur additional cost, but might be necessary in order to outshine the competition.


How many pages will your site need to be effective? This often depends on what product or service you offer. If you own a restaurant, a large number of pages will be needlessly confusing. You’ll need pages for your menu, delivery service, locations and hours, and so on, but as you can see, your total won’t be large. On the other hand, if you sell a product or service, you’ll want to showcase your offerings with product pages, and the total number of pages will go up significantly. More pages often means more expense, so clearly you’ll want to avoid redundancies. But when you’re using your website to drive sales for multiple products, more pages will be a necessity.


Not all of your pages will be crammed with information. You’ll want a balance between text and clean, empty space. Either way, content is going to be an important consideration. If you’re migrating over legacy content from an older site, that’s a task in and of itself. If you’re starting fresh, someone has to write the copy for each page. You might be very familiar with your product and able to create the content yourself, but if writing’s not your forte, never fear! The marketing agency you hire can take the information you provide and write copy that will inform and engage your customers. Paying for a writer, however, will affect your bottom line.


Some products and services are best discussed in person. In cases like that, your site functions as a calling card — a venue where you share useful advice, position yourself as a trusted expert, and offer a call to action. But you can also go straight for conversion by using your site for bookings or as a point of sale. If you plan to offer sales directly through your site, you’re going to need a shopping cart and payment system — and, as we discussed earlier, you’re going to have a higher number of pages on your site. If you offer a service, you may want an integrated booking system, so people can make appointments at their convenience, and you can see your upcoming commitments easily, as well. Either of these options require additional development and will affect your total cost of the website.

While each of these choices affect your website cost, it’s unlikely your business would need all of them, so don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you need (and say no to those features you don’t). Focus on the elements that are most important to your site’s success, and keep in mind that each involves labor costs and has its own value. A good web design company will help you determine what you need or don’t, and establish a budget for the initial launch and long-term goals. 

If all these possibilities have gotten your wheels spinning, contact us and find out more about translating your vision into reality.

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