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Social Media FAQ: What Happens When I Delete My Facebook Account?

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Tired of seeing every little detail about old friends from high school? Maybe you’re simply sick of all the privacy changes that keep you wondering if your information is really safe. Whatever the reason is, you’re considering deleting your Facebook account and you want to know what happens with your information.

That’s a good question to ask because the answer isn’t so simple.

You have two options to choose from when you make the choice to walk away from Facebook. You can either delete your account entirely or deactivate your account temporarily. Here’s the difference between the two:

Deleting your Facebook account

If you’re 100% done with Facebook and you know you won’t be fiending for it in a week or so, this is the option for you. When you delete your account you will:

  • Not have access to your profile ever again.
  • Erase most personal information associated with your account from the Facebook database. Things like email and mailing addresses will be wiped clean. However, your name may still linger around in messages you have sent to others.
  • Some things like photos or notes may still exist on the Facebook servers for what they they refer to as “technical reasons,” but that material is not connected to you personally and will not be accessible to other Facebook users.

Deactivating your Facebook account

Not quite ready to make the commitment to say “goodbye?” Deactivating your account is the option for you. Here’s what happens when you do this:

  • Your timeline vanishes into thin air from the public side of Facebook.
  • Facebook users will no longer be able to search for you, but messages you’ve sent will still be visible to others.
  • Your timeline information like friends, photos, page likes, and interests are all saved in case you want to reactivate your account.

As you can see, you’re never going to completely get rid of your Facebook history even if you decide to delete your account. Your best bet is to think before you post and remind yourself that words and pictures live forever on the Internet.

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    When someone deletes their Facebook account permanently is all the info from that person including photos, posts, chat messages etc still stored on the computer’s hard drive or is it deleted completely from the computer? Thanks.

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