what is my rss feed url

FAQ: What Is My RSS Feed URL?

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what is my rss feed url

Have you ever wanted to subscribe to a website or blog but couldn’t find an RSS feed subscription option? Yeah, me too. It can be frustrating!

I have good news, though. You can find and subscribe to an RSS feed URL even if the website or blog doesn’t provide you with the option. All you have to do is do a little search through the website code to find the feed URL and then pop it into a delivery service. Watch the video below for detailed steps on how to find an RSS feed URL using the Chrome browser.

Here are the steps to find the RSS feed URL:

1. Visit the website you wish to subscribe to.
2. Right-click somewhere on the page (not on a button or link) and select “view page source.”
3. Scan the code (or use the find option) to locate the URL that ends in /feed.
4. Copy that URL and drop it into any RSS subscription service like FeedMyInbox.

Pretty simple, right?

Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do? Share in the comments below!

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