What's All The Fuzz About Peach?

What’s All The Fuzz About Peach?

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Everyone is talking about the Peach app, including us! Will it be the next big social network? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Some are swearing it will, but only time will tell. What we do know is that Peach is silly, makes us laugh, and is just tons of fun to use. It also has potential. Big juicy potential!

What is Peach?

Peach is the newest social network on the block. It describes itself as “a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself.” Peach has a website, Peach.cool, but to use it you must download the app (iOS only at this time). Peach accounts are completely contained within the app—users do not have personal URLs and there is no way to view profiles publicly. Peach has been consistently gaining ground in the Apple App Store and is currently one of the most downloaded free apps. It has even made it to the top 10 social networking apps.

What makes Peach different?

Just like Facebook, Peach users have friends and only friends can like or comment on posts. But instead of a Facebook profile, Peach users have “space.” Peach users can fill their space with all kinds of fun content, from gifs to drawings to photos. Users use “magic words” to generate different types of content. Type “weather” in your space and Peach will describe what the weather is like in your area. Type “shout” to say something in big, bold letters and colors. Type “rate” to give something a 1-5 star rating. You can see all of Peach’s magic words by typing “help” in your space.

Peach App

How is Peach social?

Peach is social because it allows you to connect with friends. (Note: you must know your friend’s Peach username or connect with them through your address book. You cannot login or find friends with other social network logins such as Facebook or Twitter). Once you connect with others, you can comment or like posts on your friends’ space. One neat feature is that you can share what song you’re listening to (using the magic word “song”) and your friends can open that same song in Apple Music or in Spotify.

What's All The Buzz About Peach?

There’s no scrolling feed, like on Facebook or Twitter, but you will be alerted when your friends post something new. You’ll see a green dot by their profile picture on your home screen.

Another social component of Peach are the daily questions. If you push the lightbulb near the text box on your space, you will see three questions you can answer about yourself. These questions change daily. These conversation prompts encourage friends to connect, learn about one another, and laugh.

What's All The Buzz About Peach?

Perhaps the silliest, yet most fun, social component of Peach is the ability to wave, blow a kiss, boop, hiss and more at friends. It’s like Facebook’s poke feature, but way more nonsensical and strangely fun! To use this feature, go to your friend’s space and scroll to the very bottom. You’ll see a prompt and the word “more” next to it. Go ahead, cake someone!

What's All The Buzz About Peach?

Does my business need to be on Peach?

For businesses and marketers, another social network can be a headache. We get it—you’re busy enough with the social networks you’re already on. It’s yet to be determined if Peach has staying power. If you’re struggling as it is to manage your digital assets, don’t feel like you must start posting on Peach too. What you may want to do is claim your username before someone else does. Then, if Peach becomes as big as all the hype is proclaiming you can begin posting to your account at that time.

If you’re one of the few businesses that has extra time for social networking, or you just love social media marketing, give Peach a try now. Since the platform is so new, anything goes! You can be one of the brands writing the roadmap for Peach marketing. That’s pretty cool!

So what do you think? Is Peach all hype or does it have staying power? Leave your predictions in the comments below. We’d love to know!

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