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Wondering What to Talk About on Twitter? Try this!

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Things to talk about on twitterSometimes it’s hard to think of what to talk about on Twitter. I know you’re pretty awesome, but you can’t always talk about yourself. You can’t always share the same 10 blog posts either. The trick to keeping things spicy on Twitter is to share a blend of different types of posts. A little this, a little that…and you’ll have a Twitter audience that is at full attention.

Here’s a handful of ideas (in no particular order) to keep you tweeting like a pro:

1. Participate in #FF. Follow Friday is a powerful tool for gaining exposure. Not only do    you shed some light on a person or business you support, but you also tend to get some reciprocal love!

2. Share a link to a contest on Facebook. This is a great way to cross-promote your brand and hopefully increase your entrants.

3. Tweet about trending hashtags. Doing this makes it clear that you are active and often helps to show your personality.

4. Mention a Twitter list that you find particularly useful. Your followers will benefit and the creator of the list will get a little exposure.

5. Share an intriguing quote. It doesn’t have to be yours, just say something that will get your followers engaged.

6. Promote a new tool or app that you’ve recently discovered.

7. Let your fans know about your best tip or trick for being productive. We can all use a little help here from time to time.

8. Need some help researching your next blog post? Ask your followers for ideas or input on a topic.

9. Share industry news that will benefit your audience. This probably goes without saying, but you never know…

10. Tell a joke. Seriously though, who doesn’t love to laugh?!

11. Is your company making some changes? Tell your followers about the new hire or additional services.

12. Take a trip down memory lane. You can even call it #ThrowbackThursday if it tickles your fancy. Share stories about old technology, funny stories, etc.

13. Share a link to your favorite podcast and try to spark a conversation about the most recent airing.

14. Tweet a direct link to your favorite blog. If the author is on Twitter, don’t forget to mention them in the post!

15. Are your followers needing a little inspiration? Share a link to your new favorite Flickr gallery.

16. Everyone needs a breather sometimes. Post a link to a fun Youtube video that will give your followers a 5 minute break.

17. Share a photo gallery from your Facebook page. Your followers may have missed it the first time around, so let them know you have some new visual candy to chomp on.

18. Live tweet a TV show or major event. Double bonus if it’s directly related to your industry.

19. Host a Twitter chat where you field questions about your industry. This is a great way to gain new followers and establish a reputation for you and your brand.

20. Share something local that lets your followers know you are involved in the community. Share an upcoming event, a community milestone, or a new business.

21. Direct your followers to a blogroll that is relevant to them. For example, a link to Alltop for a social media marketing community.

22. Did your website get a facelift? Tell your fans about it and ask for their feedback.

23. Have you noticed someone doing things right in your industry? Give them a pat on the back by mentioning them in a tweet.

24. Share a link to a LinkedIn group that you’re active in.

25. Picking an item to end this list was just too tough. What’s your favorite thing to talk about on Twitter?

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