5 Habits to Improve Work Productivity

5 Daily Habits To Improve Work Productivity

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It’s a new year and we have 362 more wonderful days of 2013 left to enjoy. It’s time to lose weight, read more, spend time with family, stop using curse words, and give back to the community. Well, I don’t have much advice for any of those things, but I can make a few recommendations based on my own adventures in improving my work productivity.

I’m no expert, but these 5 simple habits have helped me to feel better about starting my day:

Get Adequate Rest

The easiest way to start your day out productively is to plan ahead the night before. Many experts recommend 8 hours a night, which seems like a hefty surplus to me. Regardless of the amount you get, you’ll need enough to wake up energized and stay focused all day long. How much sleep do you need to wake up feeling great?

Take Time To Energize

Some people spend hours each day exercising. I’m not one of those people. As a matter of fact, I don’t like exercising at all. I do, however, love being energized when I start my day. I spend the first part of each day stretching, doing a light workout, and reflecting (sometimes this involves watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents). Sounds cheesy, I know. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but I definitely recommend giving it a whirl. Maybe a walk around the block is more your thing, to each their own.

 Plan Your Entire Day

This seems simple enough, but I’ll bet most people don’t plan their day task-by-task. Try spending the last 15 or first 15 minutes of each day writing out a precise to-do list. List them in order of importance and mark them off as you go. My guess is you’ll find you get things done quicker–and you may even have some extra time for a mid-afternoon snack like this one!

 Add Structure To Your Distractions

You’ll never eliminate all of your distractions, but you can definitely add structure to them. If TV is your main distraction, then avoid working near one. If co-workers are your problem you may need to shut your door from time to time, they’ll get over it. If social media sites like Facebook and twitter are what’s slowing you down it’s probably time to log out. Instead of constantly looking back and forth between your profiles, set up scheduled times to check your sites so you aren’t wasting any time.

Keep a Tidy Workstation

Nobody likes living in a mess. Some can tolerate it better than others, but nobody likes it. Clutter will slow you down in many ways, but luckily it’s easy to avoid. At the end of each day, spend 15 minutes or so organizing files, tossing out trash, and rinsing out your coffee mugs. The next morning you’ll be delighted to see the treat you left yourself the night before.

What’s a daily habit you recommend for staying productive at work (or home)?


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    For me when I make my daily list, it is easier for me to just brainstorm everything I need to do and then go back and prioritize it. Things I need done today are A’s. Things I’d like to get done, but if I don’t they aren’t that time sensitive are B’s and the others that are just on the list so I don’t forget them and would be nice to do sometime are C’s. I then go back and prioritize the A’s with a number system of the order I want to do them. Then I do the same with the B’s. This helps me get almost all my tasks on the list and then I have a plan for the day. It’s okay if sometimes a B gets done before all of my A’s but I try to follow the plan.

  2. Avatar for Mark Walker Post

    That’s a great system Bob. It sounds a lot like the strategy Dave Ramsey suggests in his book Entreleadership, which I have found to be very helpful for increasing my productivity. Have you read it?

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